Mountain Masters 16 Mile Trail Run - Harlan - Kentucky
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Runner Comments

    "In order for tourism to continue to grow and bring revenue to our county, visitors must feel welcome and want to return. The success of the Mountain Masters Trail Run demonstrates how this can be accomplished through the effort and cooperation of Harlan County citizens."
    - Darrell Sergent, Baxter

    "My neighbor Beth and I ran this race. That hill at the Kingdom Come entrance (mile 12) was a kick in the pants ... but wasn't the finish so awesome? ... My only regret was that there were so many things I wanted to look at, and I didn't have time (all the overlooks) and then there was the wild looking rock right before the finish, I pointed to it as we ran past and told Beth, 'let's come back after we finish and check this out.' but alas! After cookies and gatorade! I forgot about my scenic wonder. ... Anyways.. I'm telling anyone and everyone, this race was awesome! and I love my bowl! They give handmade pottery instead of plastic trophies! It's awesome

    Ok the course was brutal!! But I loved running along that ridge, even if twas windy! The views were nice. I really can't wait to run it again next year! That was my first trail race, and I just fell in love with it! The other runners were so supportive, and just had this general positive attitude... that everyone was out there because they loved it, and thought it was fun... it just made for a great afternoon!"

    "... a hill ceases being a hill and becomes a mountain when you can reach out in front of you and touch the ground in front of you..."
    - Unknown

    "Great to see the race is back again this year. I did the Derby full marathon and am doing Columbus this year as well. However, I know that my toughest race will still be this 16 mile juggernaut."
    - David Ward

In conjuntion with The Festival of the Mountain Masters

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